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Creating a Plan for Positive Influence
Learning Team C will be together working on our team project for the next year. As such, we each recognize that we have different personalities that we reflect and portray to each other daily, and we must learn to work together. Knowing these differences will help our team focus and stay motivated to get the job done on time and on budget. Part of our motivational plan is to implement a wellness initiative to promote a healthy lifestyle and working environment that will help us get through this year. Often, it is said that employees who are in better shape are productive, make more efficient decisions and are better organized and better equipped to face daily stresses and pressures (Courey, 2012). With this information the plan is to take our individual personalities and attitudes and put into action the following plan. Team members have the strongest leadership style relating to people so they would be the initiators of leading three daily 15-minute stretch breaks to be split up between the three of them. There will be one break at mid-morning, at 1:00 p.m. and again at 3:00p.m. Each team member has a fairly even score relating to disciplining styles so we should be able to ensure that this stretching activity takes place as specified in order for each of us to stretch our muscles so that we can maintain our energy for the level of work needed to complete the project within the year. Taking a break to stretch will reinvigorate the team to stay focused on their objective.
Certain team members have the strongest leadership personality’s relating to tasks. Therefore, they are tasked with ensuring that the team has healthy snacks available to them daily. Creating an environment, which employees can provide healthy options, such as making readily available fresh fruits and vegetables in the office break rooms and filtered water delivered so that team members do not consume excess amounts of sugary sodas during the work day. This will promote more energy to the team by staying on an even keel throughout the day without sugar highs and lows affecting the teams energy levels. In