Creating a Plan for Positive Influence Essay examples

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Creating a Plan for Positive Influence
Danielle Graves
May 27, 2011
Rovella Phillips

A Plan for Positive Influence My team’s plan will be to create a positive influence will outline how the team will complete a safety proposal for the company field agents. The three focus areas that will be focused on while creating the plan of positive influence are satisfaction, motivation, and performance. It is important for the employees who need to work in an environment that will satisfy their basic needs for employment. Finally the employees need to be properly motivated to work on a project for such an extended period. Satisfaction Satisfaction can be very important when it comes to employee’s outlook on their company Personal satisfaction with a company is just as important. “Job satisfaction describes a positive feeling about a job, resulting from an evaluation of its characteristics. A person with a high level of job satisfaction holds positive feelings about his or her job, while a person with a low level holds negative feelings” (Robbins & Judge, p.76 2011). It is important for my team members to be committed to the vision, and maintain a positive attitude through stages of the project. Some things that will contribute to the employees on the team will be their compensation, while wages are an important part to keeping employees vision on the outcome of completing the project. “People who are satisfied on the job have the best perks in areas you might expect, but they actually put in longer hours than less satisfied employees” (Kelley, 2006). Providing the employees with a decent wage will satisfy their financial need. The employees will need to be provided with an environment that will be comfortable to them, to help aid in their creative thinking process. The team focus being that of safety the employees may have to do some traveling to the different corporate offices to evaluate their current safety procedures. It should be top priority for the company to provide an environment that will be customized to each employee’s individual needs. The team members need to feel that the workplace will provide them with constructive space to conduct surveys, and get research completed. Because there is a deadline of a year with this project there may be times where the team members may have to work long hours to meet that deadline, and teammates will need to be encouraged to work such long hours. During those extended hours dinner should be provided for those team members. Motivation The team members can be properly motivated, and there are many ways the company can motivate team members to encourage them to complete tasks. “The processes that account for an individual’s intensity direction and persistence of effort toward attaining a goal, while general
Motivation is concerned with effort toward any goal” (Robbins & Judge, p.204 2011). Because some of the team members will have to do some traveling for research, the company should provide them mileage reimbursement. Some fundamental resources that would be appreciated by team members in the field would be travel expenses, hotel expenses, laptops, Internet access, and blackberry phones. The team members need to know that they are valued by the company, and can rely on the company for support. Each team member should be given responsibility that allows the team member to showcase his or her individual talents with the safety proposal project. Proper recognition should be acknowledged by the company for the team members performing at high standards and going beyond what is expected of him or her. Public awards should be provided for the team members who portrayed outstanding performance, or simplifying a procedure with the safety proposal that will be implemented.

When team members gain a sense of…