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What is special education? Special Education is the education of students with special needs in a way that addresses the students' individual differences and needs. It is not hard to identify a person with special needs.” They may have been diagnosed with a genetic condition that is associated with mental retardation, may have various forms of brain damage, may have a developmental disorder, may have visual or hearing disabilities, or other disabilities.”(Goodman, & Libby, 1990). I have worked with students that had special needs; it is not an easy job I must say. In order to be successful in that field, the teacher must have patience. I have a cousin that is artistic, and he is actually smart. Just because someone has a disability, doesn’t necessarily means that they are not smart. As teachers, we should not treat them any different than a normal student. Students that have this disability can be given extra assistance. There are many different definitions of special education. According to Gartner, Alan; Dorothy Kerzner Lipsky, 1997, “a special education program should be customized to address each individual student's unique needs.” Special educators provide a continuum of services, in which students with special needs can receive services in varying degrees based on their individual needs. Special education programs need to be individualized so that they address the unique combination of needs in a given student. There are many techniques t he teacher can use to help special need students. One good technique is accommodation. Accommodation is a reasonable adjustment to teaching practices so that the student learns the same material, but in a format that is accessible to the student. Accommodations are the changes made in an activity, program, facility, public place, or home to help people with disabilities. To help these students out, there are given modified test. Modified test are changes or adapts the material to make it simpler. “Modifications may change what is learned, how difficult the material is, what level of mastery the student is expected to achieve, whether and how the student is assessed, or any another aspect of the curriculum”. (Valle, 2011). Each country, state or educational jurisdiction will have different policies, rules, regulations and legislation that governs what special education is. In the US, the governing law is: Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).Typically, the types of exceptionalities/disabilities will be clearly identified in the jurisdiction's law surrounding special education. However, Smith P say that, “In this approach, students with…