Prayer and Future family Generations Essay

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Dear Son,

If things distract you from what you really need, stay strong and pray to God for advice, because when I had a difficulty in life and I prayed to God about it he answered my prayers every single time. When you grow up and become tall and strong concentrate on your studies, because there were too many years where I didn’t care. Keep your head held high from things down low. Do not aggravate others to a point that they will seek revenge, and not hurt other like you wouldn’t want to be hurt. It if ok to have fun when you have the time and spend it with your friends, but beware that there are consequences to things that go too far. If you achieve your gaols and stay focused on task it is easy to continue in life with what is your number one priority. I do not know what you want to become in life but it never hurts to have a job that can easily provide for your family. Always remember to keep the Sabbath holy and rest on the seventh, and got to church and praise his name. If something terrible happens in your life, it usually happens because God intended it to happen for a reason. When you keep a strong relationship with God you can never get tired of your daily life and daily routines that may constantly bother you and might destroy you if you do not keep that promise. Take vacations and enjoy life while it still lasts. Find a nice home located in a rural area and if safe and comfortable for you and your family, because in the end the city area will burn and fall