Prayers and Violence Essay example

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In this short article “Pouring forth praise smothers gossip”, the writer uses common sense to share his ideas, he shows how prayers and violence can somehow associate with each other; for example, he says “only by praising something beyond ourselves do we save ourselves from bitterness and violence” this means many people in the catholic faith believe that if we pray and praise something beyond ourselves/ God we will overcome the bitterness, violence, gossip, and pass judgment. By some means, if we do not pray we can somehow do murderous things. This article had also stated that Henri Nouwen, a Dutch writer, used to say, “we're killing each other all the time. Nobody is shot by a gun who isn't first shot by a word, and nobody is shot by a word who isn't first shot by a thought. Our thoughts are too frequently murderous and soon enough get expressed in our words”. These are the reasons why this quote is expressively significant. The writer took the time to analyze how the catholic faith works in today’s society.
Editorial Cartoon Description
The Editorial Cartoon has to do with an individual reading the news paper, who ends up seeing an image of eyes that are turned downwards with hands crossed with each other, praying. He assumes that the image engages with devilish acts. The point I tried making with this picture was that in out catholic faith we are all considered “equal”, we as humans tend to make innocent mistakes but as soon as we make them we get seen as