Preparing To Conduct Business Research: Part Two

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Preparing to Conduct Business Research: Part Two
October, 8, 2012
Dr. Prasad Yenumula Preparing to Conduct Business Research: Part Two
The operation of collecting and processing data in business research will give business owners and executives a better understanding of the business operations and functions. As the sample population data comes in the owners and executives will gain a better understanding of what processes need examination and improvement. The values of the data sampling will give insight to the acceptance or rejection of the implementation of changes to improve the processes. In Team A’s current class assignment with the Coca Cola Company research project the acceptance of the revenue increase or decrease is the subject. The survey Team A uses will assist in determining the acceptance of the law in New York City and the way that law will affect the revenue income or loss for the Coca Cola Company. The adjustment of the drink size to a 16- ounce size and the effect of changing the bottle production will play a major role in the increase or decrease of the revenues nation-wide (Koebler, 2012). These subjects will be a point of examination in Team A's research project.
Research Design
The CEO of Coca Cola has hired Team A to determine if the ban on container limits to 16 ounces would create an increase or a loss in revenue. A descriptive research design would provide a description of the situation; however, it will not provide the results that Coca Cola is seek. An exploratory design will view the target population and provide data regarding the public’s perception on the ban. However, the exploratory design will not provide data indicating if the potential revenue changes that may occur. The best design for Team A to use is the causal design. The casual design will examine what happens as the ban becomes widespread as well as provide an analytical perspective on what the revenue changes Coca Cola may face (Petracca, 2012).

Data Instruments In the best efforts to collect data, Team A will assess the revenue outcome by creating and using a survey. Surveying the target population will provide insight of the emotional outlook from the target population’s perspective, and the effect the ban will have on Coca Cola’s revenue. The survey will be quick and simple for the participants, yet informative Coca Cola.
1. “How many times per week do you buy sugar sweetened beverages for yourself or someone else that will be consumed outside of the home?”

2. “When you purchase sugar sweetened beverages to be consumed outside of your home, which of the following is the size that you most commonly purchase?”

3. “If prices remained as they are today would you be more like to purchase 2 beverages at full price?”

4. “If you were to receive a discount on additional servings would you be inclined to purchase a second serving or beverage?”

5. “If a “buy one get one free” deal is available at the prices of today will you purchase two beverages?”

6. “In what state or U.S. territory do you live?”

7. “What is your gender?”

8. “Which category below includes your age?”

9. “Do you believe this ban will assist