Pretty Woman Essay

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Pretty Woman
> Directed by Garry Marshall, Pretty Woman is a romantic comedy and a modernized Cinderella. The story involves the evolution of the relationship between the two protagonists, Vivian (Julia Roberts) and Edward Lewis (Richard Gere). In the film how a business arrangement between a business magnate and a prostitute quickly becomes a genuine loving relationship. In addition to their complex business relationship, Edward’s lawyer Phil (Jason Alexander) is one of many obstacles to the desired “fairy tale ending.” Edward and Vivian are two broken individuals. Vivian is prostitute who is dealing with the vicissitudes of life and Edward is a divorced man who recently broke up with his girlfriend. Vivian and Edward bring out the
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Thompson. Ultimately, the hotel manager helps her because she is the Edwards’ guest, a prominent business man. The hotel manager helps her buy a cocktail dress and teaches her basic table etiquette. At the business dinner she attends with her faux beau, she evinces body language that shows she is uncomfortable and intimidated. She has no idea how to eat the escargot and is confused setting of the utensils and the food.
> The second time around Edward joins Vivian for clothes shopping. She is not rejected and is becoming accepted in the upper realm of living. She is being treated well and she begins to develop self-esteem she never had before. Vivian demonstrates fear of her past when they attend a polo match. Her greatest trepidation is that someone will recognize her as a prostitute. Phil, Edward’s lawyer is convinced that Vivian is a spy for the business opposition; however Edward tells Phil that the “spy” is really a “hooker” and alleviates his fears. Phil laughs and finds Vivian to hit on her and solicit her for sex after her engagement to Edward is over. Phil does not respect her dignity as a person. Vivian feels “cheap” and she tells Edward she is not a “toy” and she says “who” and “when” referring to her sexual encounters. She is hurt because her trust was betrayed, however Edward responds, “I wasn’t prepared to answer questions about us.” The “us” implies that he begins to have feeli!
> ngs that Vivian is more than an employee.
> Vivian, as the