Prison Rights Essay

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Inmates nowadays have various privileges while they are incarcerated. Many of these privileges include: being able to leave the jail grounds to go to work, watching television, playing board games, free meals throughout the day, chewing and smoking Tobacco, lifting weights, free therapy and education, and playing games outside such as basketball and football. The inmates are incarcerated for a reason, that reason being they committed some type of crime and they are paying back their community by serving time in a cell. The inmates have certain tasks that they have to do while they are incarcerated, such as kitchen work, sweeping and mopping areas in prison, cleaning the showers, community service work, and if they have a job outside of the jail they are to attend to their scheduled shift.
At the order of the court, inmates are allowed to leave the jail to go to work up to 12 hours a day, 6 days a week. The inmate has certain qualifications that they need to meet in order to be eligible. Some of those qualifications are the inmate must not have a violent crime or sexual offence on record, the inmate has to be able to provide a clean urine drug test, have a full time job, and they must be classified under the lowest crime in the community (cannot be a threat to community). The inmates have certain restrictions that come along with this program. They may not work over 55 hours in a 6 day period and they are not to travel anywhere else but work and to the jail. The inmates are expected to get “checked on” throughout the time. The inmate is also responsible for any financial expenses.
Prisoners have access to therapy sessions with professionals. These sessions can come free to the inmate. I would agree that the inmate needs some assistance and guidance because they broke a high law, however if the inmate would like to have a therapy session there would have to be paper work filled out, and they must be