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Google’s privacy issues

Privacy is defined as the ability of an individual or group to seclude themselves or information, which therefore means that they get to select what information about themselves gets released to the public. Search engines and the internet cause the boundaries of what is considered private information to be blurred. Once private information gets released on the internet, it becomes very difficult to remove this information completely because it may have already been copied or archived. The internet and search engines have made people wonder what is actually considered private information. Since the line is very vague, it makes it very difficult to regulate and each problem that arises is unique because technology is changing at such a fast rate. The common question that seems come out of all of these privacy issues is how can technology companies like Google grow and remain competitive in the long run while remaining ethical and giving users their privacy?
Privacy of personal information is a fundamental right of any person. No one wants his/her private details to be known to other people, especially ones who they are not familiar with. However, human society is based on cooperation between people. Society simply cannot function without this vital interaction between two human beings. No one is that capable or skillful enough to fulfill his/her daily requirements alone. The very fabric of society exists because a person has to depend on other people to get things done.

Whenever one person talks to another, he/she unknowingly reveals a certain amount of personal information such as physical features, personality, character, etc. It is impossible to hide this information as revealing of this information to other people is unavoidable.
In order to fulfill has/her daily wants and needs, a person has to trust quite a number of individuals with some unique information. The process is reciprocal, i.e., the individuals have to also reveal certain information to build an atmosphere of trust.
Google is the highest used internet search engine and is free for international use. Good and bad exists with everything and although Google provides people all over the world with tons of information, it is constantly being overlooked and controlled by the people who created it and who control it which can be seen as a huge downside for many individuals. There are many criticism of Google such as manipulation of search results, violating people’s privacy and censorship of search results such as page ranking. Although Google provides…