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Are Private schools worth it?
Brett Storm

Education is something that everyone considers a priority. School is somewhere where students acquire knowledge and skills that they will need to have to achieve and gain success in both their schooling and later in life, so choosing the best school for them is huge. Many parents have to come to a decision in whether private or public education will be best for their child.
Everyone wants their child to get the highest quality of education because a good quality of education leads to their child achieving in life. There are many factors in showing that private schools have a higher quality of education than public schools. First off is the facilities. Private schools do not receive any funds from the government. The main sources of funds is in the students tuitions and other outside sponsors. Private schools connected to a church can get financial support from their corresponding congregations. Private schools tend to have a higher budget than public schools, enabling them to improve and maintain high quality facilities. These facilities can include everything from gymnasiums, science labs, and computer labs. With all of these facilities there will also be highest quality of equipment and supplies for the students to use.
A huge factor coming from the budget is the quality of teachers that the school can afford to hire and maintain well enough wages and salaries. Teachers that are satisfied with the their pay are more likely to enjoy their work environment and increase their morale. If the teachers aren't happy how can we expect that the students also be happy. This in turn will greatly increase the quality of the education provided at that school.
The next factor to consider is the student-to-teacher ratio. The average number of students per teacher in private schools are one teacher to every twelve students. Unlike in public schools where the student-to-teacher ratio is almost double with a ratio of one teacher to every 20 students. With smaller classrooms it allows teachers to connect with their students on a more individual level. Every student has a different learning style and the teachers would be more adequate to satisfy that style with the more attention they can give to each student. The last thing to take into consideration is the school’s influence. In private schools, the administrators are giving immediate response on the issues of their students. The rules and regulations are strictly implemented and certain disciplinary actions are being imposed properly. This makes their students more disciplined and less prone to unprecedented acts. Private schools value their reputation and their influence on their students. One element in knowing that the students are experiencing a good educational system is through the school’s learning environment. Having an exceptional learning environment creates an atmosphere that motivates the students to study. Private schools have a better learning environment because of three reasons. First is the security. Private schools tend to have tighter security to protect their students and staff. There are curfew hours in private schools. For example, students are not allowed to stay on the campus after 6 pm and they are obligated to go straight home right after dismissal time. Next are the classmates. Students in private schools have a better understanding of what is expected of them in both an academic setting and also a social setting. Students