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Over the years, many Americans have discussed the issue about prayer in school. It has been heavily debated since the 1960s, when the Supreme Court decided that prayer in school was unconstitutional and was removed from all public schools. Many people believe that the elimination of prayer in school is beneficial to the students. They say that because religion is private and schools are public it is better that the two should not mix. To introduce religion in our public schools, builds walls between children who may not have been aware of religious differences before. (state/church) This, however, its contradicted by many factors that have been seen over the years. Prayers have the power of creating a spiritual atmosphere that helps students drive into values such as humility and discipline. Which is why many people believe that prayers should be allowed in school to develop the maturity of the students. Banning prayers in school could mean depriving the school children of their freedom of religion. (prons and cons of prayer in school) According to the First Amendment of the Constitution, all American people have freedom of Andrade 2 religion, press, and expression. Therefore, every children who attends school should have the right to pray at school. Those who are in favor of prayers in school, believe that prayer is an essential part of the school routine. For them, it seems quite irreligious not to say a prayer every day, especially at the start of the school day. Prayers give the students an opportunity to practice their religion and children would be motivated to respect their religion. It gives them a reason to live by their values.