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Trachina Hicks
September 6, 2013
Philosophy 101
Alberto Mendoza
Abortion: Pro-Life
Abortion:” the termination of a pregnancy after, accompanied by resulting in or closely followed by the death of an embryo or fetus.”
Abortion has been forever a very controversial issue, unlike any other debated topic today. A much rather asked question is whether or not the unborn child is perceived as human. Thus, being pro-life, my claim is that the unborn child is a human, not just an embryo.

Embryo: ”A material complex or individual characterized by the capacity to perform certain functional activities including metabolism and growth, reproduction and some form of responsiveness and adaption.”
Those who agree with abortion argue that a woman has a right decide what to with her own body; and that is true. In abortion though, you are no longer dealing with just your own body, but the child’s now as well. There is now a living and growing organism inside you and terminating your pregnancy is equal to committing murder. Nobody is given the right to eliminate life. Rape is an overused excuse for people that support abortion. I’m not stating that pregnancy from rape is impossible but of the abortions reported, rape is rare (about 1% of cases). I have much sympathy for raped victims; yet contraception does not immediately begin right after sexual intercourse. Pregnancy therefore can be eliminated in all rape cases if the victim seeks and receives immediate medical treatment (a procedure that removes all male semen from the uterus). There’s way too much controversy over abortions’ legal and moral status. A pro-life stance is often assumed stemmed from religious beliefs; which is faulty. There are actually a number Atheist Anti-Abortionists. They feel that abortions methods are cruel and unusual, (and extremely inhumane) as well as painful to the fetus. This goes against the belief in liberty and justice. Atheist Anti-Abortionists feel very passionate against injustice, violence, murder, the death penalty and war. They, (As well as I) feel that sexually active people should be more responsible when it involves sexual intercourse. The purpose of an abortion is not to terminate a pregnancy; its purpose is to kill (to take the life of the offspring). This new form of life, this baby is innocent. It did not commit a crime under the justice system however; there is no such thing as to” kill an innocent person.” The argument that the kid is unwanted or more prone to child abuse is used to justify abortion as well. We would never kill a born child simply because his/her parents did not want him anymore. Also, 91%of abused kids are wanted before birth, so that is not a valid argument either. Abortions can cost up $350- $1000, (on esti. $ 831million