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The issues of abortion and contraception in our society today seem to have become accepted as a normal part of life. People have lost respect for human life and any consequences that may arise from their actions. Our conscience enables us to have the ability to choose, so that we choose to do what is right and just in the eye of God. If people follow their conscience it would be very difficult for them to live a happy and peaceful life after committing the act of abortion. As Catholics we are called to follow the moral law, and by doing so we will always be able to live with a clear conscience. I think that through the act of abortion the role of our conscience is directly related to moral law.
The HHS mandate, calling for employers to cover all expenses related to abortion and contraception, is a threat to our conscience as a member of the Catholic Church, because it goes against everything we believe about abortion and contraceptives. No employer should be forced to provide coverage for any procedure that goes directly against their beliefs. There has always been a direct separation between church and state. The government should not be involving itself, not only condoning but in a sense encouraging, such an act to be an accepted part of life. Life saving treatments and procedures are available, but only after deductibles and co-payments are met. This mandate allows for the termination of human life completely free. Not only is it a threat to our conscience, is it against our first amendment, “Freedom of Religion”. This mandate makes businesses cover abortion procedures and contraception, which would in turn come out of our taxes. So we as Catholics would be paying for other people to get abortions which is the exact opposite of our beliefs.
From the words of Pope Paul VI we can