The Importance Of Abortion

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The precious babies life starts at the moment of conception. Some people don't realize that a baby feels everything during the abortion! If the baby was sitting in front of you would you be able to sit there and watch them kill him/her and watch the innocent baby suffer? People argue about the decision to abort or to keep the baby, but does anyone argue about the baby after it is born? Yes a baby is a hard thing to handle but at one point you were a baby, and your parent made the choice to keep you, what if they hadn't? Abortion is a choice, A life changing one, a choice that a women shouldn't have, what if your baby grew up and created a cure for cancer, to save the suffering? Well took away every chance of ending the suffering. Some people think that its better to abort the child other than for the child to be unwanted. When the doctors first tell the women she is pregnant they always find out weather she is going to keep the baby or abort it. But do they ever ask if the child is wanted after the birth? No they don't because the child is living, and everyone realizes that, But what they don't realize is that the baby in the womb is too living. So what is the difference of killing the baby in the womb and the living one? There isn't a difference but they believe that it isn't murder? Well they are very wrong. Some people don't notice that Abortion isn't just a 5 minute thing. Abortion leads to depression. Some teens are talked into it, and when they don't know what to do so they do what everyone tells them too. Afterwards it can lead to serious depression and can cause mental health problems. Abortion causes so many problems, killing the baby is one problem but than it causes many problems in your life. Abortion is a cruel thing to do. It is a baby giving up his/her life for 2 peoples mistake. If you went into the doctor and told them you don't