Problem Child 2: Assignment

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Problem Child 2
Purpose Statement This paper will be a case application assignment that analyzes a character from a movie called Problem Child 2 (Universal Pictures, 1991). This movie is a sequel that was out in theatres in 1991. The movie stars actor John Ritter who plays a father that adopts the problem child from an orphanage then later moves to another city so that they are able to start life over. The problem child in this movie is played is played by Michael Oliver who stars in the previous movie as well and is the main character that exhibits signs and symptoms related to Oppositional Defiant Disorder that later develops into Conduct disorder. The first part of the paper will discuss the developmental psychopathology framework in relation to Junior who is the main character of the movie that is in Third Grade that got moved to Sixth grade because of prior experiences of the principal with Junior, and because he did not want to deal with him for the next 3 years which contribute to the decision of
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The developmental psychopathology framework will include a thorough description of the child’s risk factors and also protective factors in their life. Secondly there will be an assessment part to describe what techniques would be used to gather data about Junior that is relevant to the character in context of the movie with evidence that is presented. Thirdly there will be a diagnosis part where there will be a hypothesis based on gathering relevant information based upon the character in the movie in comparison to the DSM-5. The diagnosis part will also go over if there are any other possibilities for explaining the symptoms that were presented in the diagnostic part. And lastly there will be a treatment section where it discusses interventions based upon three journal articles that are peer reviewed and possible alternative treatments in