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Produce a Document
Question and Answers to Outcomes 1 and 2
1.1) The different types of documents that can be produced in my work place would be;
Business cards, we use these to give the customer information on how to contact the company. In the studio we have a number of different business cards, we have the studio card, a nursery business card, and a Managers card as she also does free lance work
Memos these are used for informal communication with an organisation the memos are done electronically on the diary system the memos pop up on the computer to remind us of events or booking during the day.
Spreadsheets: These can be used for various purposes, we use the spreadsheets for the accounts side of the business, and for admin side for instance the Call log and the email record that we all update regularly.
Letters: These are documents used for different types of communications in all departments for various purposes. There are various types of letters which we use, they are the confirmation letters to the nurseries, poster letters that go to the nurseries and school as well. As well as letters that we use between other businesses that ship the company our products. Slide shows: These are PowerPoint documents and are used for demonstration purposes; the studio uses the slideshows in order to show the clients the pictures that have been taken off them.
1.2 When saving a document you can set the file name and where you want to store the file on your computer, at the studio there are a lot of different subfolders in which the documents can be saved, this makes it more organised and easier to find. You can change the file format as well. When changing the format, it is the design, the layout or the fonts that changes. It is different format whereas the content remains the same. Each word processor has its own storage format. For instance some text files use plain text (.txt), or Microsoft Word (.doc).
1.3 Because of the fact the studio does nurseries photographic, the documents that the studio produce for the company is a representation of what our company is like, organised and good quality as well as eye catching. Having the documents like this automatically creates an impression on our clients about the standards of the organisation and how it values its customers.
Good quality within the documents helps to attract customers as well as suppliers, thereby increasing the profit for the organisation.
2.1 Resources needed to produce high quality and attractive document;
1. A high quality printer for quality print outs, the studio has two printers in the building with photo printing paper as well as matching settings. But for the pictures that we send out to the Nurseries or clients we use a company called DS colour labs to print them out at a higher quality. But there are also three smaller printers that we use to print off the proof cards that we send to the nurseries in order to show the parents the pictures that they can purchase from the studio.
2. Scanner, so that you are able to scan documents in their original form, in order to have a record of the orders that have been given to the studio by nursery parents, we scan their proof card as well as their order and print out an extra copy to keep on record for ourselves, just in case the parents call back saying it is the wrong order.
3. Computer to process and operate all the machines, within the studio with have five computers, all of these are equip with Photoshop and all of the Microsoft documents