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Network Security Product Review

BullGuard Internet Security 2013

Despite the bulldog featuring firmly in its advertising, BullGuard is an outstanding Internet Security company that initially packages a bundle of deals with new PCs and has been a reliable Internet Security (IS) software for some years now. As we come up on the New Year the time has come to issue the newest version IS software 2013. This new version that also features BullGuard Antivirus 2013 was released middle September. With being two months in from the releasing, here’s a review that gives you an inside scoop on what’s new and improvements that has been made from 2012.
Like the older versions, this software has an objective of keeping your computer safe when surfing the web by offering components of antivirus, firewall, and a spam filter. By adding new core components of online backups, safe browsing, parental control, PC tune-up, and a vulnerability scanner to the team has open a door to a higher level of safety. The vulnerability scanner is a great addition to version 13’. The scanner efficiently scans and checks for outdated software versions throughout your computer that makes you vulnerable for an attack. Another new component that does justice is the safe browsing tool. As you search on Google the safe browsing tool gives you good and bad vibes about websites to visit. Good vibes to trusted websites that’s harm-free and bad vibes to unworthy websites that could possibly give your pc a type of infection or virus.
Main Improvements from BullGuard IS version 12’ are in parental control, PC tune-up, and online backups. Version 13’ has also renovated behavioral analysis of applications on your PC that looks for suspicious actions. The interface has also been updated to where it’s easier to get at key tasks that you particularly want to accomplish. The retail price for the BullGuard IS software 13’ is $49.95.
BullGuard Internet Security balances simplicity and performance that offers you effective protection. Research has shown that this protection offers you all types of resources to keep your PC safe. Its shields you from types of malware like viruses, rootkits, spyware, phishing, suspicious app, and outdated software. It also has the ability to detect suspicious signs of zero-day threats. The feature Parental controls helps you manage and supervise your child interactions with the internet. Version 13’ can block your child from visiting any website you feel that’s dangerous. Prevent interactions with strangers in an online conversation, and manage time limits of how much they spend online. With the PC tune-up tool you can erase information of uninstalled software, temporary files, and removes broken registry entries. By doing so, this helps maximize hard drive space and decreases the PC startup time. With one version 13’ you can apply security up to three PCs or laptops.
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