Project Change Management Essay

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Changes within a project is inevitable and even the most competent project managers cannot predict and control all the outcomes that occur due to project changes. The variances or changes to a project can come from a wide variety of sources such as cost factors, people, and processes, the organization or culture itself but not matter the source, it’s up to the project manager to manage these changes. Many project managers will choose to complete various types of analysis (e.g. change impact, sensitivity or integrated) to help predict or identify the sort of changes to expect within a project (Barkley, 2006. p 119). No matter which of these analysis’ are utilized, project change management is not about stopping change but being proactive in identifying, defining and implementing technologies or procedures which enable the changes to be controlled effectively without impacting the overall project.
It may seem hard to believe but project change management can actually increase the chances of a projects success! When I review projects that were successful in the past what stands out the most are the individuals who worked through the different challenges or changes that occurred and they performed as a team which brought their project to a successful fruition. On the average, most people do not like changes and either become resistant or become passive-aggressive in their behaviors which could potentially impact the team as a whole and in the end jeopardize the project’s success. For this reason, the project manager need to