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Good evening ladies, gentleman and esteemed guest, for those of you who don’t know who I am I’m Aaron.

Jacobs life mentor and hero, everything good about Jacob he got from me everything else that is bad he probably got from Danielle. Jacob has always looked up to me, thus tried to emulate me in every way hairstyle, his healthy eating life style and my good Christian values.
The first time I met Jacob was in the summer of 2010, back then I had a Jedi’s rat’s tail which I proudly displayed to the world, a young Jacob spotted this from afar and he was instantly impressed and infatuated by its magnificent presence. He slowly approached me with a level of caution and curiosity.

He opened his mouth and began to speak ‘hey man’ he said, ‘how long have you been growing that rats tail for?’ which I replied ‘3 and a bit years’. The look of his face was of amazement and awe he then continued speaking ‘yeah that’s pretty awesome man, I always see you around Garden City with it and I always recognize it straight away’ You see Jacob used to hang around Garden City all the time because he had interest in a girl called Kim Bui, but that is another story. Anyways as Jacob continued talking I realized he had a very small rat tail of his own which he then made apparent by pointing it out from then I knew what we had was real this shit was real I had found my little apprentice.

Have a rats tail was not the only thing we had in common, we shared interest in things such as MMA which very few people at the time really knew about nor watched, and every time there used to be a UFC event we would go to Carbon Sports Bar at 9 am in the morning to ensure we have the best seats. Other things we shared were our taste in stupid shitty humor and doing stupid shit.
Often our humor and jokes are only understood by us while others stare at us and wonder what in the fuck it is we are laughing or talking about, things such as HBKs, certain types of Japanese mushrooms, main antagonist from Harry Potter novels, a race of people from the Lord of the Rings novels and the list goes on
We have shared many moments together stellar moments at know what is known formerly known as Burswood Casino’s fine eating establishments, building things out of nothing (does anyone here remember our spit roast?) and just random and to quote