Pros And Cons Of Executive Orders

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Executive Orders good or bad? From our first president George Washington issuing the first executive order in 1789. Executive Orders (EOs) are legally binding orders given by the President. Executive orders are also an informal, express power. It was created to carry out policies created by the president immediately without it becoming a law passed by congress. Depending on the circumstances, it was intended to be used for operational management of the executive branch, operational management of federal agencies or officials, and or to carry out statutory or constitutional presidential responsibilities. A president would use executive orders to take action on a policy that would have a positive effect on citizens, not only benefiting the citizens, but also giving good name recognition to the president for poll ratings, therefore they are not giving the president too much power.

Also throughout history executive orders have changed. President's
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This is the reason why the executive orders were created, to fix any urgent issues that we are facing or anything that a law may not cover . SInce they are only making the changes that are beneficial, it shouldn't be a big deal because they are doing what they think is best for the country. Presidents could change things dramatically, utilizing the Constitution the way its founders expected it to work that will benefit everyone and keep the US safe. According to Boston globe “President Donald Trump signed three executive actions Thursday designed to crack down on violence in America, directing the Department of Justice to take ‘‘all necessary action and lawful action to break the back of the criminal cartels’’ and to form task forces focused on reducing violent crime and crime against police.” This is a good use for an executive order.Not only that, but executive orders can be limited, only if they are considered unconstitutional by the supreme court and can be