Essay about Protestant Reformation and European Society

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Seanna Deering
Mr. Mooney
Performance Task The main changes that occurred in the European society were the Renaissance, Reformation, and Scientific Revolution. The renaissance was a time of new ideas and change in art and creativity. Reformations was the spread of new religious ideas and different ways to praise the Lord. Scientific Revolution was the emergence of modern science during the early modern period. The renaissance was a break in time. New colors, new art, new ideas; everything new it was completely different and it was a change in the European society for good. The renaissance lead into humans believing they can achieve anything let set their minds to, they called that humanism. Secular was created during the renaissance time to not just focus on non- religious music but other inspiring music too. Writers in the time decided to go for change to and not use the Latin language and use there one native language and use vernacular. Painters used perspective a way to show a three dimension photo. The renaissance overall was a good change for the European society, it helped created the spread of ideas all over. Reformation was a new way of looking at the religion you believed in. Martin Luther was a big help in the change of reformation. Luther was a monk who didn’t like the way the Catholic Church ran. Luther thought the church was wrong for making people pay for forgiveness or called indulgences. Luther came up with 95 ways he thought the Catholic Church was wrong or 95 thesis he thought should be different about the church. People saw Luther’s ideas and the spread of reformation was done. With the help of the famous printing press and the leaders John Calvin and Prince Henry VIII, without speaking out in what they believed reformation would have never began. Overall the Spread of new ideas and the break of reformation help give the people in the European society a freedom in religious beliefs. Scientific Revolution a change in society and the merge of new ideas about the world itself. Scientific revolution lead to much curiosity and new ways of looking at how the world was the center or not the center of the universe. Nicholas Copernicus was a big leader in the change…