Making The Decision To Become A Clinical Psychologist

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When it comes to careers, it is important to choose the one that is right for you. But, you have to take other things into consideration as well. The career you choose should be able to support your financial needs and fit the abilities that you have. Personally, the career that best fits me is in the field of Psychology. There are many directions that one can go in when thinking about Psychology, which is why I’ve made the decision to become a Clinical Psychologist. A Clinical Psychologist is someone who helps people deal with mental and emotional problems. Specific things about Clinical Psychology attracted me to the field such as the rewards of the job, the activities that will be performed, and of course the salary. On the path to becoming a Psychologist, specifically a Clinical Psychologist, you will have to love school. This field requires a whole lot of schooling and education. What drives people, or at least what drives me to the field, are the rewards of the job. The biggest benefit is being able to help someone who is in need and being able to make an impact on someone. It's also a method to better understand you as an individual. In understanding yourself, you better understand humans in general. At the end of the day it is all about putting a smile on someone’s face or making them feel better than they did once before. There are many activities that you as a Psychologist will have to perform. Some activities are more important and have more value than others. The most important thing would have to be the ability to assist and care for people weather it is for emotional support for the patient or personal care for coworkers. You will need to be able to empathize with and evaluate people in situations. One will need to obtain a lot of information from patients and use it to help better the individual. In this field, it is important to be able to asses values and the importance of things or people. A good quality to have for this career is analyzing and problem solving because it is crucial to find the best solution. An underrated ability is the ability to communicate with people. Communication can go a long way in Psychology, especially if you are good at it because it makes it easier to understand each other and the situation. Everyone wants a career to fill their moral needs but in the