Should All Americans Attend College?

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Professor Ojo
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Basic Argument Essay
October 6, 2012
Should All Americans Attend College?
Why do Americans go to college? Most Americans go to college for a better career opportunity. College presents a better career opportunity for its students. Going to college forces people to think for themselves, this is another valuable trait that employers look for. Attending college can benefit America’s overall education .College can be expensive but in America there are many opportunities to attend college at a price that is affordable for the student. College is important and every American should take advantage of it by attending at least a two year community college. College presents a better career opportunity because it teaches the students basic knowledge in the field they want to be in. The higher education that is received through college courses is essential in American careers today. Employers expect their employees to have some background knowledge of the information they will need and college is the best way to prove it. In America there are many opportunities to learn these skills in college such as “The 1,739 colleges, universities and trade schools on this year's list exhibit leading practices in the recruitment and retention of students with military experience.”(“Redstone”60). There are of thousands of colleges that are all unique so that all of the students’ needs can be satisfied. The social aspect of college is also important. In college the students are forced to think for themselves. They socially have to grow up because college requires the students to use their own words and ideas. In college students need to exercise their social skills with other people because the professor will not always tell them all the information they need or what they missed, this helps the students learn to work together. Working with other people or in a group is an important social skill that employers look for because there are a lot of jobs that require teamwork. In order for teamwork to have a successful outcome everyone in the group must be socially mature. College helps to mature students because “The social environmental network in college comprises the teachers, peers, parents and other adults. Social environment plays a significant role in the behavioral aspects of student learning and experiences (Clark, 1996; Barling & Kelloway, 1999; Goh & Khine, 2002; Cheng, 2005 and Holborn & Haralambos, 2008).”(New and Ghafar). Going to college puts people in the social environment which is needed to improve on all social aspects.
Americans attending college can bring America back to the top in overall education. America was once the top country in education; this was proven when the United States put people on the moon. America is no longer the top country; this is due to Americans not taking advantage of educational opportunities such as college. If every American attended college then overall understanding of math and science would increase because of college requirements that require a minimal number of credits in every subject.
College is affordable for every American. There are three main types of opportunities in America to attend college for little or no payment. One opportunity is by receiving scholarships in sports or academics, which are sometimes free. Another option is to win a competition, and these competitions can be on a wide variety of things such as beauty, science, literature, etc. The last type is through service, the most common type of service is military. Military service is a common way to pay off college, “Each year, approximately 500,000 men and women enlisted in the armed forces enroll in postsecondary courses leading to associate, bachelor's, masters and doctoral degrees as a part of the largest continuing education program in the world.” (“Education”38). College can be affordable for every American because of all of the “financial aid packages, student