Psychology: Intelligence and Classical Conditioning Essay

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Chapter 1-4 Psychology 1) Nerves are composed of many- neurons.

2) In which field of study do researchers attempt to identify the effects of heredity on psychological characteristics? -behavioral genetics

3) The term "perception" correctly applies to which of the following situations? -You must decide how far your car is from an object in the road.

4) Mary is undergoing treatment for the muscular tension that causes her to experience migraine headaches. Every week, Mary is hooked up to a machine that monitors the muscle responses in her forehead while she learns to relax. What is the name for this form of treatment? –biofeedback

5) Maria has the most common form of color blindness. Which task will be especially
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However, it has been six months since she got the shot and although she has since visited her doctor, she no longer feels a twinge when she sees the flower poster. In behavioral terms, this process is called?- extinction.

Midterm Chpt. 1-9 1) Classical conditioning involves learning?- associations to stimuli.

2) Stacey has a long way to walk in between classes because the road she would normally take is blocked by construction. After the construction is over, Stacey keeps taking the longer route even though she no longer needs to do so. Stacey's behavior is an example of? -functional fixedness.

3) Dan was riding a bus when the engine backfired and made a loud "bang." His heart started pounding, and he felt sick with fear. The next time Dan got on a bus, these unpleasant feelings returned. How would Pavlov explain what happened to Dan?- The unpleasant feeling had become a conditioned response.

4) Many colleges require students to take a placement test in math to see whether they have mastered essential knowledge before they enroll for an advanced course. Such a test is likely to be a(n) _____ test.?- achievement

5) A common strategy applied in developing culture-fair IQ tests is to?- minimize the number of items that require the use of language.

6) One of the psychological problems involved in