Psychology: Psychology and Positive Attitude Essay

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Chapter 14: Social Psychology In chapter 14, the topic of attitudes and actions was talked about and how attitudes affect actions and how actions affect attitudes, but in my perspective I believe that attitudes affect actions. Meaning that the way you act will affect your actions and how others treat you. When you have a positive attitude then you will be rewarded with positive actions, but with negative attitudes only negative actions will result. For example, in the book there is a picture of a team playing volleyball and I think that depending on the attitude of the person playing in a team will result in the victory of a game. In order to play in a team your attitude need to be cooperative because having a negative attitude will make it harder for the team to work with you. More over I feel that it is more correct to state that attitudes affect actions because although certain actions do affect attitudes is what you originally offer or “bring to the table” that will result in what outcome you will have. I think that this behavior occurs because people have the wrong mentally of how to act in certain situations. The attitude you carry around will predict the outcome of your actions along the way. For example, some people do not wake up with the right attitude and since they have a sour attitude they whole day goes bad because they have the wrong attitude everything goes wrong. By changing an attitude the actions or result of what you are doing can go the opposite