Public Administrators And The Media

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Public Administrators and the Media Paper
LaTonia Gover
September 24, 2012
Scharlene Ahmed
Public Administrators and the Media Paper This is a press release from a local news press article regarding the West Nile Virus the press release was on July 27, 2012 from the Department Of Health informing the public that the West Nile Virus has become a health problem in Columbus, Oh, once again. The news press advised people of Columbus in many ways how to prevent the bites of mosquitoes, how to stop the breeding of the mosquitoes, how to prevent breeding, who to contact once bitten or contract the virus. The press release is informative the press release gives notice of the situation regarding the mosquito problem. The
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Persuasive is the other, and the agenda is trying to persuade the public to take preventive action. The press release is to notify the public that the West Nile Virus is back. The facts-based are that the West Nil Viruses have returned once again. Another fact is that there are statistics that shows over the years the death rate from the West Nile Virus. Fact the signs and symptoms that will alert a person who may have the West Nile Virus, another fact is shows preventive measures that normally help with preventing mosquito breeding grounds. Another fact it shows is that the West Nile Virus can be treated there is a statistic from 2002 there were 441 cases of West Nile Virus and 31 fatalities in Ohio (2012). One last fact is the press release shows the condition that the mosquitoes begin to breed. There are different venues for the press to release this information besides the Internet would be on live television in a special edition or during the regular news hours. The information regarding the West Nile Virus was aired on the regular news at the regular time. Another way to report the West Nile Virus is in the Columbus Dispatch, which the major newspaper in Columbus, Ohio, and even thought many people do not buy the paper it still is a venue that could broadcast the information regarding the West Nile Virus. All three venues