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Jamie Lozoya
Professor Perez
Counseling 100
16 November 2014
Virtual Connections The technology that we have today gives us the ability to connect with someone across the globe. There are many social media platforms that people use to communicate with each other. The younger generation today spend a lot of their time on Facebook. Unfortunately they might be using this social media to a disadvantage. College administrations are now looking at the profiles of their applicants. Organizations are also using the social media platforms to determine certain awards for their applicants. The ability to connect to any social media platform at the tip of our hands gives us the ability put anything on the platforms so students have to be very careful when it comes to the content on their profiles because it could be the reason to not get into their preferred college. Companies like Apple and Samsung have made it accessible for many people to have mobile devices in their hands with the ability to access websites like Facebook. According to a study made by Harvard Health twenty two percent of teens log on to Facebook ten times a day (Berstein). A lot of students spend so much of their time online that it can affect how their studies go. Whether they are at school checking their Facebook or Instagram it is taking away from their studies. Students also share a lot of their lives on their preference of social media platform. This allows student to post everything in their lives online and not everything that they post online might not be positive. Unfortunately a lot of colleges are looking into the profiles on student to determine if they want to the student to be part of their college. Social media platforms are public and colleges have the ability to see the profiles of their applicants. This can affect a student in a very negative way because they might share a negative aspect of their live online. According to Eleanor she spoke with an administrator that saw a picture of a prospect student and did not admit that student to their university. This affect the student negative because of something that he was doing outside of school but yet because it was on a public platform they had the ability to check the picture out. As well as administration scholarships foundations are also looking into the profiles of the applicants. A picture that is uploaded to Instagram Saturday night can affect the student’s chances of getting the scholarship because it might not portray the organization appropriately. More and more organizations are looking into the social platforms to determine their