Purpose Of Education Essay

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Purpose of Education Essay The purpose of education is to “see the unseen”, to learn what hasn’t been learned. Pleasantville is like the Allegory of the Cave because they both decide to be prisoners. In both stories they seem to be “shackled” and imprisoned but in reality they aren’t. In both stories they just limit themselves to what they let themselves see. The purpose of these stories was to open our eyes to what we can really achieve if we let ourselves. In Pleasantville the main characters are examples of shadows & prisoners because they have limited themselves. A Promethean like character is introduces to us in the story, Socrates, and leads the prisoners to see what they can really do. In the same way with Pleasantville, David (Promethean characters), shows the people of this town that things aren’t always going to be black and white but that sometimes its okay to make mistakes. For example in Pleasantville they were all black and white, meaning that they were prisoners. Everything was perfect in this town; there wasn’t ever any change. When our Promethean character waltz into their world he teaches them that beyond what they are limiting themselves to is an imperfectly perfect world. With the knowledge that David was spreading around town the towns’ people and the town itself gained color. In similar fashion in the Allegory of the Cave the prisoners were also limited. They made themselves feel imprisoned, but in reality they weren’t. Since