Quebec and Canada East Confederation Essay

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To be a successful family breadwinner, the middle-class man needed to be independent and self-reliant, carefully choosing business opportunities that would reward his industry and perseverance without incurring excessive risk. Fair and honest dealings with clients were always important, particularly in small communities where sharp practices could quickly ruin a business reputation. Hard work, minimal consumption of alcohol and prudent management of savings paid off in financial security for the family and for old age.
Middle-class men usually had extensive formal and practical training. To ensure that their careers were well established, and that they could support a family, middle-class men generally delayed marriage until their late twenties or early thirties. The choice of careers included traditional occupations in business, banking, insurance, law and medicine. As the economy expanded and diversified during the nineteenth century, however, new opportunities arose for architects, engineers, chemists, metallurgists and others.
'Canada East Confederation''

Good afternoon to you all, My name is Father Lucien I am a fifty (50) years old priest. I have one (1) brother and one (1) sister. I was born in London,England and immigrated to Canada East when I was ten (10) Years old. I lived in Montreal with family. My Father fought against the Fenain's Raid to protect the British North America (BNA) from being taken over by the Irish and help the British, but sadly passed away. I was the first member of my family to become a priest. I recently became interested in politics after I heard about Confederation. I now Represent the Conservatives. I am pretty sure you all have thought about Confederation, But I am here to say it is a horrid idea to join together as a nation. If Canada East joins we will lose our way of life ,Taxes will go up and that will make the poverty rate go up, the taxes would not support the farmers, we might have a massive