Racism and Freedom Essay

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English 9
11 September 2013
What is freedom? What is not freedom? Freedom is the right that humans have to do what they think is right. Freedom is not when you are under physical restraint or confinement. Black people cannot do things because they are colored. People that think since you are Mexican, that you snuck into the U.S. to have a freer life. People think that because you are black or Mexican that you do drugs. One text that does not show freedom is “Harrison Bergeron” because people wore weights on them so nobody was stronger than one another. So nobody was prettier, they made them wear masks so they looked no prettier than one another. People wore shock machines so nobody was smarter than one another. It is pretty messed up that they would make people do these things. A world of equality is wrong. Some people have different personalities that make them unique. Second, “Speak” also doesn’t show freedom but it does to because you cannot say what you think is right in your class. You can choose what group you want to be in but you have to act like them. You can choose what sport you want to play but you have to be good enough to play in the games. This is not fair because no matter how bad you are or good you are, everyone should be able to play. Unless there is a point in the game in which the best people need to be playing. In addition, the speech “Glory and Hope” does and doesn’t show freedom because they basically saw their country tear apart in conflict. Nothing good was happening. They had a horrible dictator. The people were starved,