Racism During The Reconstruction Era

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Over the ages racism has been a constant controversy in the United States of America, notably during Reconstruction. For the time being, this specific stage had a considerable impact on the country because it was known as the effort to give African Americans a voice, as well as reunify the nation after the tragic civil war. Although laws and compromises were put in place to pave a pathway to a better life for freedmen, they were ineffective. The Ku Klux Klan became known and African Americans lived in a constant state of fear, praying to escape from violence and murder. More than that, there were consecutive failures involved with reconstruction, including the limited necessities freedmen and women were supplied with and the black codes that were established, strictly limiting their freedoms. Due to these challenges that African Americans had to face, even today racism is a seemingly insurmountable obstacle America has yet to overcome. Movements are rendered, speeches are made, and the public is concerned for the rights of African Americans. The reconstruction era was only a start to the nonstop concern: was Reconstruction a successful change to America as a nation? …show more content…
As a result of the constant hostility toward African Americans and freedmen in the United States both today and during the reconstruction time period, the effort of restoration was unsuccessful and