Raise Employment Immigrants Limits For Oversea Chinese Students

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Raise employment immigrants limits for Oversea Chinese students I have been a member of oversea Chinese students in the U.S for almost two semesters, and I have heard lots of stories about oversea Chinese students who want to get a job and settle down here. Here’s a true experience from one of my friends. Di had graduated and earned a bachelor degree for more than 5 years. After he just graduated from his college in the U.S, he, who majored in engineer, was eager to find a job in the U.S, but in the first year, no company wanted to apply for one Visa H1B for him according to limited Visa number for international students. He didn’t give up and kept searching for new opportunities in his period of OPT (Optional Practical Training). In the first 29 months after he left the campus, he did waitressing, cleaning, and delivering for living. Even though there seemed little chance for him to get a job offer sponsored by one company, he still hanged out there and waited for a chance to get Visa H1B. He kept telling interviewers his idea and talent, which impressed most of them. But due to limited job offer by the U.S, he had to be on the long waiting list, which made him leave in the end of 29 months. After leaving the U.S with pity and sorrow, he brought his great thoughts and ideas working for a Chinese company, which let him earn great experience and ability. Now he is the boss of himself, which is not his dream in the first place. Until now, he still keeps talking with me about how he feels pity not staying in the U.S. Because he had built up his social net work and learn engineer ability here, which spent tons of energy and time of himself and the U.S. However, the result that he couldn’t stay in the U.S because of limited number of Visa H1B, turns everything into a waste.

Are you an international student and feeling the same worry of not being admitted by Visa H1B in the future even though you are good enough for the job? Are you an American and feeling shocking when you realize these kids who have been around in your live don’t have a future in the U.S even if they are qualified to be a citizen just like you? Chinese students lead the international groups in the U.S nowadays and the number of Chinese students is increasing rapidly. Most of the universities in the U.S are facing more than thousands of Chinese faces every year. Apparently, Chinese kids are stepping into this nation and experiencing the most important period of time of growth into adults. They learn knowledge here, live in the culture here, build up their social network here and most importantly, a large of oversea Chinese students have a plan to settle down in the U.S for an employment after they graduate. The reality about Chinese can’t find a job due to limited Visa H1B per year, has become a social issue in the U.S now. With great speed of increasing number of oversea Chinese students, the limited number of Visa H1B provided by the U.S stays the same approximately, which doesn’t fit in the current situation. According to great concern from oversea Chinese students, the American community and international relationship between the U.S and China, the U.S should raise the number of limited Visa H1B for Chinese students and adjust it to the reality properly.

According to PhD. Rahul Choudaha’s “Trends in international student mobility”, “An annual report published by UIS (UNESCO Institute of Statistics) reveals that the global mobility of students increased to 3.4 million students in 2009, up from 2.1 million students in 2002” (Choudaha, Trends in international student mobility). As the rapid development of international students, the U.S has become the top destination of Chinese students. Also, “recent statistics from the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (USICE) show that the number of active Chinese students on F-1 or M-1 visas at Student and Exchange Visitor Approved schools at the end of 2011 increased by about 28%