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Brandy Selby
209 8th grade Many people theese days get inspired by the kind of music they listen to or the music videos they watch. From hip/hop and Rap to Jazz and oldies many people are inspired to do the things that are seen in vidoes and things that are heard in songs. I would have to disagree with some of those points that peole have about rap music but not all. I myself love rap and I agree that many of the songs have bad ties to drugs and such but not all of them do. Some of the rappers have great love songs! But rap is not the only genre of music that has bad topics. Country music, pop, actully everything does. So some of the things I agree with, but I think all music has bad topics in some sort of way, but not every song. Rappers these days talk about drugs, pimping women, abusing women, and violence. Rappers use these kinds of topics to draw young minds to think that is the way to live life. If they made it that “far” from drinking liquor and getting high children believe that must be the rite thing to do and that must be the way everybody lives life to get where the “famous people” are now today. Many teens these days listen to hip/hop and rap music and are very influenced in the wrong and bad way. Hip/hop is a subculture especially of inner city youths whose amusements include rap music. Rap music is a genre of African music of the 1980’s in which rhyming lyrics are chanted to a musical accompaniment. Some of the top people today are rappers and have gone very far, they do not work just because they feel like but because they have to, and to have people talk about how good or an artist they are and how much you look up to them and the critcize them the second they talk about drugs or women in a inapproprite way you change your mind. You are not to perfect yourslef to be…