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What is plasma?
Plasma is a state of matter that is different from liquids gas and solids.A plasma is a gas that has been energized to the point that some of the electrons break free from, but travel with, their nucleus. Plasma can be consider the fourth state of matter. Over 99% of the whole universe is believed to be plasma. Plasma is an ionized gas Plasma does not naturally exist on earth during regular surface temperature so it has to be generated artificially by neutral gases. The difference between gas and plasma is that gas particles are not charged while the particles for plasma are charged with energy.

What Is Plasma made of
Plasma is very similar to gas but the only difference is that in plasma is

Finding Plasma While natural plasmas aren't found around you that often, man-made plasmas are everywhere. Take flourescent light bulbs for example, they are not like the regular light bulbs you have at your house. Inside the long tubes is gas. Electricity flows throughout the tube when it is turned on. The electricity acts as an energy source and charges the gas up. This charging and exciting of the atoms creates glowing plasma inside the bulb.
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Bilal: I know right
Bilal: Now I will be telling you about the small history of Plasma, Plasma was first created in a crookes tube This is a crookes tube (edit pic of crookes tube in) by Sir William Crookes in 1879. The word Plasma was made by Irving Langmuir in 1928. Khalil: So what are the properties of plasma?
Bilal: Of course I know all about this cause I am Bill Nye The Science Guy
Bilal: For Plasma to exist ionization must happen so what is the process of Ionization? Ionization is when an atom or a molecule gets a negative or positive electron. This happens when an atom or molecule loses electrons. The electrons then goes and forms a ion. Khalil: Wow
Bilal: I know right
Bilal: I wonder if there are any other uses of