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reading demons
Quarter 2 Reading Demonstration

Natasha Jelley
January 2013

Organize your texts in the appropriate categories. List titles and authors.

|Fiction | |
|Short Fiction |Longer Works |
|Everyday | |
|David Levithan | |
|Poetry | |
|Individual Poems |Books of Poetry |
| | |
|Nonfiction | |
|Articles, Blog Entries |Longer Works |
| | |
|Other (explain) | |
| | |

Create a Reading Ladder to show your progress so far. A reading ladder, in this case, is a table with the books you’ve read listed in order of easiest to most difficult reading. There are lots of ways to define ‘most difficult’ but some you may consider: the size of the text and number of pages, the subject matter (romance is easier to follow than a memoir from Iraq since the memoir will likely include references to places you don’t know and require different thinking than just pleasure reading), the speed with which you finished the book, or whether this was a new author or a well-known one to you. I want your gut feel for difficulty in measuring the books you’ve read so far.

I’ve only read one book and it’s a very good book. Very confusing but it is good and is fun to read and to figure out what is going on.

Write a short (3-8 sentences) review of each book you finished so far this quarter and explain the ranked order of difficulty. Note: If you read more than ten books, you only need to review your top 5. The others can just be list.

I’ve only read one book and that was Everyday by David leviathan, this person wakes up in a different body everyday, he never remembers who he is and what’s going on. He doesn’t know who he really is, and he doesn’t know why his life is the way it is. He falls in love with a girl and he tells her what’s going on and they keep in touch and talk everyday.

Add up the total pages read, and divide by weeks in quarter so far to determine your average pages read per week. Discuss if you are challenging yourself to read more and increase your stamina in order to prepare yourself for college, or if you are just reading in class and a little here and there at home, but not making a significant difference in your reading habit.
I honestly don’t like to read and I haven’t read a whole lot. I don’t read at home. Im still on the same book since October. I’m on page 289. And I hope to finish my book by the end of the semester.

Review the goals you set for Quarter 2. How well did you do in