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Aldahir Merino
09-05-12 Recognizing Education Education intrigues me and motivates me to try my best to acquired as much knowledge I as can. I like socializing with people, hear their opinions and make a contrast with my own and that helps me get a small glance of who they are and because whatever I learn cannot be taken away. Besides the opportunities that Bunker Hill Community Colleges offers such as transferable credits to transfer to a four year college I like the diversity it has and the level of education as well.

I would like to get my Associates Degree and transfer to a four year University to continue my education. I went through a lot of obstacles to be where I am right now, during my senior year while in my school soccer playoffs I suffered a concussion due to a knee to the side of my head during a corner-kick that put me straight in the hospital for almost two months and it was really hard for me because during that period of time all I did was lay down in bed in the hospital looking outside the window and all I could think was how much I was falling behind in school. That really upset me but also help me gain my confidence back because during all the time I had a life flash-back and decided what I wanted to be in life is someone who can heal people and diagnose their health problem as well as treat them.

I set a goal to myself which is to graduated from college with a medical degree and continued with my studies in medical school to become a physician. I am well aware of the obstacles and struggles I must go through But that is not going to stop me the pursuit of my goal. I have always look in anyway possible to help the people around me and what better way to help people professionally by becoming a doctor and even though doctors get on the best salaries in any profession I am not doing as much for the money but for the satisfaction to help a human being by restoring their health. Another reason why I want to become a physician is because I want to travel around the world to help people in need for example I would love to go to Africa one day and treat people with diseases such as malaria, yellow fever, typhoid fever etc. I have a strong motivation and capacity to achieve this goal that why I am trying as hard as I can to see that goal every day one step closer. What helped me through tough times in and out of schools is definitely my family, friends and a strong fate in god although I am never going to forget this time when I was in English class and my teacher came up to me and said she wasn’t going to ask me