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Reflection Paper

Does waiting for your child to be a year older really help them for their first year of school? I would have to say no that holding your child back until they are six years old and then sending them to school is not as effective. “Redshirting” is the act of holding your child back from school until they are six years old. However I think it would personally be more effective to start right away at a year earlier. The reasons that I think it would be better to start school earlier are that you learn better, you get done younger, and there are no harmful effects. Firstly, going to school at an earlier age instead of waiting until the child is six is much better. People learn things at a certain speed; however children, especially young children, are like sponges. Meaning that they soak up knowledge, and they learn a lot quicker. Science has proven that younger children tend to absorb knowledge better than older children. So why would you wait until your child is six years old? They are in a crucial learning point when they are younger than that and I think that we should take advantage of that. The more we teach them at a younger age the better they would understand it. Secondly, the longer you wait the older your child will become. I know that personally as someone who started going to school at the age of five that I would not want to have been “redshirted.” I say this because then I would be a year older and have the same knowledge as I do know; which to me seems like a disadvantage. However since I was not “redshirted” I know all I do at my age. Also if you were older that means you have to do certain things at certain ages i.e. pay taxes and other such things. I also think if you were “redshirted” you would be at a disadvantage here too. I say this because if you started school at a younger age you will be done with school at a younger age. This means a year less you had to pay certain things while going to college. Whereas the people who were a year older had to start paying a year before compared to the younger people. So that is why starting later school is a disadvantage. Finally, starting early or later doesn’t