Reflection On Internship

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QUESTION 4) State your ideas and suggestions that could increase efficiency in the processes of production and service at the institution you do the internship.
In terms of increasing efficiency of the company, I have a couple of ideas. Basically, I wrote about physical conditions, psychological conditions such as motivation and creating a team spirit in the workplace. Also, I talked about ethical concerns for increasing production in the field.
I believe that the break requirements for basic needs should be within the reach of employees as they reduce the delays that occur during production and I think they will comfort workers at the levels. On this side, while they are dropping out of work, their needs (coffee, tea, water, toilet, etc. ) can be reached more comfortably.
Furthermore, during my internship, I have observed that in some departments people do not have teamwork. I believe that team spirit must be in a workplace to increase efficiency in the company.
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So I can now imagine that how these concepts exactly happen in real working life. Knowing the theory and its applying completes each other.
Also during the internship sometimes I have experienced some tough situations that the employees faced with. When I observed that situation and reaction of people I have learned that sometimes people should think effectively and choose the right one in the little time period. Because business life is needed to choose the better one in short time to produce effective consequences. People should be fast enough as well as cautious in business life.
In this company standardization and formalization were high enough. The departments in the company have their own rules as well as they cooperate with each other. Therefore it brings success to the company. Because without rules and cooperation to maintain a company would be