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Name: Thu Pham
Class: Traditional Faith
Topic: Understanding of destiny
Instructor: Sr. Mary
Date: Oct 24/2013

Our Ritual ceremony of Being as Adults
By Thu Pham In my parish, if you are a man when you reach to the age of 18, you have to ask for your villagers consider you as an adult. Therefore, every year we have celebration for those who turn 18 in the year. The ritual ceremony is often held on the early lunar year January 6 and it is usually organized following a process with some steps.
First step is preparation for the celebration, every family in the parish is invited to the ceremony. The pastor will lead the ceremony. For the candidates, their parents have to have an application to ask the whole villager for their children join the village as an adult. When the time comes, each candidate has to prepare some gifts to present in front of people at the ceremony. Normally, the gifts will be some boxes of tea and wine.
Second step is making a commitment. The candidate read their commitment in front of whole village. They have to promise to be responsible to the work as an adult in the village like protecting the village, serving the village, attending all the meetings of the village and so on.
Third step is receiving blessing from the pastor. After the candidates make their commitment, the pastor will give them the blessing and say some word to recommend the new candidate how to live as an adult.
Final step is having a party. The villagers will