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Eddie Raasch
Reflection Paper

I would have to say that I agree with Patti Valkenburg and Jochen Peter. The reason I agree with them is based that I have grown up in the age of technology and have had many experiences with what the discussion of the articles was saying. I feel that social interaction is very important but it can be subject to the individual feels as well as how the approach themselves as individuals. I feel that as long as the person is able to create a balance between using the internet of online chatting (example instant messaging) and personal interaction between actually people such as family, friends, and significant others, then there shouldn’t be a problem with not being able to social interact with people in today’s society or with their inner circle of people. I feel that the authors of this article have made good points on the person can use it to their benefit and help them come out of their shell. It is all about self-confidence and I feel if you need to use technology to help you grow personal then it is a benefit that should be able to be used without feeling that you are being unsociable. I also think that if can help you balance your time as well as learn about who you are as person. I feel this way due to the fact that I use the computer and internet on an everyday basis. I use it to communicate to co-workers, family, and friends. I don’t feel it hinders me on a social level nor do I feel that it takes away from my day since it is part of my day. I feel that it has helped me develop more personal skills to