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Course Reflection

K Carter


Professor Dagraca


This paper is an overview of the things that I have learned throughout the course of this class. I have learned the different methods that communication will affect the career path I decide to take.

When looking back on the quarter, I have learned a lot regarding the research of my desired career. Not only learning, but utilizing the knowledge and experiences gained through participating in this course is important! A few things that I have gained about researching the communication skills needed for a job are, first of all, you have to know where to look. You have to look for the pros to gaining employment within that field and you have to understand the work it takes to reach that goal. When researching the communication skills necessary, you have to also gain the knowledge of that communication skill.
In the field I chose to research, On Air-personality, you have to be able to operate many different technological mechanics to be able to communicate with the listeners. As an on-air-personality, you have to be able to research current, factual news to discuss with callers; you have to be able to produce quality radio commercials for the customers and the consumers benefit. An on-air personality must be able to operate the recording and playing functions of the equipment as well as have the ability to edit the gathered interviews and fans call-ins. Personalities must be able to answer the phone calls so they can get musical requests. Personalities most of the times have to be able to sets up equipment and promotions at station remotes for live broadcasts. An intense knowledge of many different communicational tools, that this job demands are endless. Learning each delivery method is time consuming and strenuous, and with the things that I learned in this class my eyes have been opened to the hard work behind achieving this dream job.
Previous to my completion of this class, a few of my ideas were supported by what I learned in this course. For example, I knew that as an on-air personality you would be responsible for operating control boards during on-air broadcasts. I was also correct in assuming that you have to be very good at communicating in front of a large audience. It is essentially the same as a Pastor, or a College Instructor, you have to be clear and confident. You have to know what your opinion is and you have to be able to back those statements in