Reflection Paper On Project Management

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Reflection Paper

The best way to gain experience is to implement the knowledge in practical and live situations and fissure simulation helped me to build such an environment in which I was able to take real time decisions and manage project related activities in an effective manner. Overall it was a great experience since I got a chance to think in terms of all the factors which are responsible for the success of a project.
Few areas of my learning are:
One of the key steps before starting any real life project is planning. There should always be a plan based on our personal experience which should be flexible enough so that we can make changes depending upon the situations.
Managing Resources:
Managing Resources during the project was the most crucial learning from the simulation, since the availability of the resources were unpredictable therefore in every step I had to be prepared with a backup plan and a replacement resource as per the criticality of the tasks of the project. As experienced from the simulation there were times when the resource didn’t show up suddenly which required the immediate need of a replacement and also there was a time when a resource resigned when asked to work overtime, so these situations should be kept in mind. Apart from this, giving rewards and requesting overtime was also crucial to maintain a balance among the resources and the tasks.
Managing Expenses
Managing Budget is another important thing during a project life cycle, in order to keep the team motivated and energetic towards the tasks of the project, occasional team lunch, Rewards and overtime benefits are also important. Depending upon the criticality of the tasks, often I had to request the resource to work overtime which helped to finish the task but at the same time affected the stress level of the employee which I tried to balance in future. Managing Timelines:
Prioritizing the tasks and managing time for each task is also important as it was found that delay in the critical tasks of the project immensely affect the overall deadlines of the project. Hence we need to be