Reflective Essay: What I Learned In My Writing Process

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This semester I learned how to write in many different genres. I wrote a lot of research and science papers in high school, and I feel like those were all I knew how to write. When I tried to write less formal, it often just sounded like it was lower quality. This semester helped me to write informal genres while maintaining a good quality of writing. Throughout the semester I learned many things about my personal writing process. I learned that it is easier for me to write all of my essays at once. This keeps my train of thought focused and turns out better papers quicker. However, I also learned that if I try writing too fast, I create choppy sentences that do not directly connect to the previous sentence. The strategies that I have incorporated that have helped the best are writing in advance and peer editing. I used to just write all my essays the night before. Due to the revision process, I have learned that my essays turn out much better if I write a draft in advance, and then come back to the essay later with a …show more content…
Revision is now performed multiple times throughout my writing process. My draft is made, then revisions and peer editing are added before a final product is turned in. Additionally, I also learned that I should do more revisions after a long amount of time has passed to ensure its readability. For my final portfolio, I revised my unit two assignment. The first thing I did was review the notes that Professor Dwight Tanner wrote. I made the small grammatical corrections that he suggested and re-read the paper making other changes along the way. I noticed a lot of issues with the flow, and I tried to focus on the areas where I was not clear or was too wordy. I then asked multiple people to peer edit. I changed multiple sentences to increase clarity and any sentence that sounded weird to me, I tried to rewrite until it made sense. My paper improved dramatically in flow and