The Importance Of Writing In High School

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Just like breathing oxygen is essential for humans, writing proficiently is significant for students and everyone as well. People who are in college or in any kind of institution are all required to be effective writers. At every stage of my life, I have been taught about writing. In pre- school, I begin to learn writing and when I went to elementary school, I advanced my learning and took it to the next level. I began to write essays in the last few year of elementary school; and when I was promoted to middle school, I learned the five-paragraph essay format. And from onwards, I was encouraged to use the same format throughout high school. There was no other format I have been taught to write essay and that is the reason I do not know much about different writing styles. …show more content…
Thus, in high school I was prepared for college, but I feel that what I have learned in high school varies in college. It has been a couple of weeks at Sac State and I have noticed many differences, whether it is writing or reading. It is obvious that university will be different than high school, but it is very hard for me to fully adjust in this new environment. One of the differences which is challenging for me is writing reflective essays. In high school, I have not written reflective essays a lot and so there were not much teaching of how to write it. And in college classes like English 10 and NSM-21, I have to write reflective essays. This is my weakness in writing essays and also I feel in this kind of essay structure five-paragraph essay format is not required. Because I have only been using five-paragraph format, I am not discovering other writing styles and advanced writing strategies. My current approach in writing essays is still the same structure and I want to change my habit of writing essays in five-paragraph