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Meal for a Refugee Family
Taking into consideration the availability, use of technology and financial constraints, a healthy, nutritious and balanced meal appropriate to the cultural and dietary needs of a refugee family recently arrived in Australia was selected, prepared and presented.
Evaluation of Decision:
The final decision on the refugee meal was Kumara and vegetable stew, served with homemade bread, as well as Banana and coconut bake for dessert. The dish was suitable for a refugee family and successfully included culturally inclusive ingredients for South Africans. The meal contained high iron ingredients including lentils, kale and potato which provides nutrition for children that may be deficient in vitamin D and iron.1 By avoiding meats, it ensures suitability for all, including vegetarians. The dishes also contained a wide variety of fresh fruit and vegetables, as economically disadvantaged refugee families often have limited access due to the expense.2 Making sure that both dishes were low in sugar and fat-content ensured a healthier and successful serving.
Evaluation of Personal Performance:
Hygiene was taken into great consideration throughout the practical. It was essential to use clean chopping boards and utensils for the ingredients to avoid germs and bacteria. Making sure long hair was tied back and hands were clean before touching the ingredients ensured the health and safety rules were followed.
Time management and organisation was effective as the kumara stew was prepared first to ensure it had enough time to be cooked. As the spices were measured out and the vegetables were chopped finely, the homemade bread was prepared. The kumara soup was left to stew, whilst the coconut and banana bake was prepared and placed in the oven to crisp. This multitasking skill ensured everything to be completed on time. Confirming that the ingredients were bought the day before the practical and kept refrigerated ensures freshness, taste and nutrients in the vegetables. As both dishes had been practised prior to the practical, I was able to make sure everything could be perfectly prepared and presented on time in the final practical. Following a timeline was important to keep track of when certain items should be cooked. This ensured that