Registered Nurse

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The medical field up till today has been one of the most important occupations without a doubt. Jobs ranging from nursing to surgeons are one of the many careers available.There are countless number of health related jobs in today's society, and a registered nurse seems the most fitting for me. A registered nurse on average makes about $68,450 per year. To become a registered nurse, you must first obtain an education from a college, university, or nursing program. At college, you will be looking at studying biology, microbiology, physiology, anatomy, chemistry, psychology, and more. There are many pathways to become a nurse after high school. You can choose to go to a college/university and obtain either an Associates degree, Bachelors degree, …show more content…
The training can start as early as your days in high school. You can opt to choose classes related to nursing, like human anatomy, pre - nursing, AP Biology, AP Chemistry, AP Stats, and AP Physics. Taking these classes can easily benefit you by saving money and time when you enter medical school or a university. While taking these rigorous classes, it is also recommended to volunteer at your local hospital when you are at the age of 18. While working with nurses, you can get a glimpse of how their lives are. At your university/college you will take a tremendous amount of core classes that will lead you into nursing. Depending on what university you go to, some offer great nursing opportunities than other universities. While you are studying nursing before becoming a registered nurse, hours must be put in hospitals before getting your license. The career of nursing has definitely caught my attention since I was young, because I always had interest in medical related careers. I've always thought of becoming a physician, surgeon, or a PA, but the money and education required were too much.. So in the end, the career of a registered nurse seemed the most fitting for me. The education and money to become a nurse wasn't that bad, and the benefits of being a RN was enough to support me. I for sure have all the traits that a professional nurse need, so this career is definitely my