Religion In The Chrysalids

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In this current century, Religion is a choice, we can choose whether we want it, or if we do not want it. Applying religion extensively for power distorts the spiritual connection as well as the true meaning of religion. When an aspect of religion is misinterpreted by anyone, in this case, the government, unwavering reverence can become a weakness and turn into bewilderment. The theme of using faith as a source of control is found in The Chrysalids.
Religion has always been a part of our history as a foundation for both culture and security. To some people, it brings a certain fear, an urge to give reverence and respect, but to others, it’s not important. When the Black Death occurred, (or as many people called it the “Black Plaque”) people
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The statement, “Watch thou for the mutant” was a variation of a passage in the Bible but was declared so forcefully that it persuaded the Waknukians to believe it was good. In this situation, religion was used as a channel to prove the plausibility of the mutated statement by trifling on peoples’ trust and loyalty. Waknuk became a society that was intolerable towards the individual and unique. In the book, Joseph Storm was very strict with mutants and would do whatever it took him to eliminate them. He punished David for wishing to be a deviant. There are three words that can describe Joseph Storm…Religious, Abusive, and Uncompassionate. The city revolved around beliefs such as “The Devil is the Father of Deviation” and this mentality, which was infused into the people, transferred to actions such as the killing of the Dakers’ tailless cat. David’s ability to generate thought shapes (telepathy) were incomparable to the usual physical deformations that were easily spotted. A combined understanding that “Blessed is the norm” and fear of mutants caused a panic that revealed the isolation of such an old-fashioned and disciplinary society. The people of Waknuk did not let people to be who they were, which showed intolerance. They believed that everyone …show more content…
Although we don’t have religious intolerance we still have intolerance in our society. We should ask ourselves, how we can make a difference in the amount of intolerance, which leads to death, that happens in the world today. The lesson we must learn here is to treat people for who they are and not something someone wants them to