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Procedures To Properly Prepare to Win a Football Game The game of Football is the most popular sport in American culture today.
Winning football games is hard. One single football play is like a chess match. A football game is like a 800 Meter track race; divided into quarters. Every team tries to score on every offensive possession. Some uptempo teams attempt to score on almost every play; they are like ‘sprinters’. In the first quarter, the two teams often feel each other out like a boxing match. They see the gameplan that the other team has been practicing. The second quarter is when most teams like to assert themselves and separate on the scoreboard before the end of the quarter to take a lead into halftime.
The third quarter is like an adjustment period: every team makes slight or subtle adjustments to their initial gameplan in the locker room at halftime to try to give them the advantage over the other team. & the fourth quarter is winning time: the team losing is going to pull out all the stops to try and win the football game; calling trick plays, blitz packages, doing whatever they have to do to pull from behind and win.
Whoever is winning team is going to do all they can to ensure that doesn’t happen.
When winning, more conservative teams are going to try to run the clock out, controlling the line of scrimmage and holding on to the football, making as little as mistakes as possible. The aggressive teams are simply going to try to outscore the team that’s losing heading into the 4th. To the untrained eye it would seem they just

kick the football off, run around the field for 4 quarters on gameday, and that football games are won by the team with the most talent but they couldn’t be more wrong. It all starts with plenty of preparation & even more PRACTICE! It starts before the football players even show up. The coaches study game film of the upcoming opponent for the week. When watching the film the coaches would study the weaknesses and strengths of the opposition; their good and bad game habits. The offensive coaches watch game film of the defensive unit and the defensive coaches watch their offense. Tendencies matter most when watching film of an opponent. First, there is a coaches­only film session, then the coaches show the players film of the opponent & what to key on before practice everyday. The players are encouraged to take “mental reps”. When relaying this message to his team, the coach is laying the foundation of his gameplan.
The preparation of your players is the KEY to success on the football field. It is essential to winning on gameday. the preparation of your players is the KEY to success on the football field. it is essental to winning on gameday
Once the gameplan has been set, it must be practiced before it is truly learned.
There is a basic starting offensive & defensive unit and players that come on the field only for certain formation packages; these are what are known as the starters.
Everybody else is on the scout team. It is the scout teams job to provide the look of the other teams starting units in practice. Players on your team that are similar (in skill & build) to the other teams starters are put into those same positions & run the same plays the team studied in the film session to give your team a “good look” of what they’ll be seeing on the field on gameday. This is essential to prepare your football team for what is to come. A typical practice schedule card would look like this:

The key to practice is to put your football players, particularly the ones who will be on the field for the majority