Observation Of Estrella Hall

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Estrella Hall is a new resource building located at Estrella Mountain Community College. This report is to explain what resources are being used more at Estrella Hall. Are computers being utilized more over textbook materials or are textbook materials used more? What was observed, what methods were used and what results were discovered will be discussed.
Students will be observed at Estrella Hall during various times of the day. The purpose of this experiment will be to see how students use the new building and which materials are being used more. Are computers being used more by students over textbooks? Perhaps textbooks are being used more over computers? In my opinion while I study people at Estrella Hall I expect to find a higher number of students using computer based resources over textbooks. It is very important to study the resources being used and how they are used for this could greatly help us help students improve and excel in school.

Randomly students were observed at Estrella Hall to see what type of resources were used. No materials were needed in this experiment besides a pen and paper to write down what you are observing. Students were observed at different times throughout the day. The first observation was done from the time of 9:00am to 10:00am and was done three times within that hour. Each observation lasted around ten minutes long. Another observation was done in the afternoon at the time frame of 3:00pm to 4:00pm also with three separate observations done within that hour. Each lasting also ten minutes long as in the morning.
This experiment was observed from specific places in Estrella Hall. In our morning observation the first location was observed from the south main entrance. Followed by our next at the north main entrance. For the last morning observation I observed the whole 1st floor by walking all the way around the north, south and tutoring section of Estrella Hall. This way data could be collected from multiple points. This locations were repeated for the afternoon also.
Finishing my observations, it was apparent that computers are being used far more than that of textbooks. Students were found in both morning and afternoon observations to use computers over textbooks. Observing students in the morning from 9:00am to 10:00am gave the results that out of a random selection of thirty students an astonishing amount of students preferred computer based resources. In our first morning observation twenty two studnets used computers and only eights students using textbook resources. During the second morning observation almost identical results where found with twenty four students using computers and only six using textbooks. For the last observation in the morning a gain of students using textbooks was found. With twnety one studnets using computers and nine stuents using textbooks. Still a majority on computers.
Students in the afternnon experiment were found to have very similar results from the monring observation. From 3:00pm to 4:00pm I observed students three different times as in the morning. For the first afternoon observation I found twenty one studentsusing computer resources and