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Why do black marriages fail?

Why do black marriages fail?
Due to recent cultural values many African Americans home are led by one parent, this gives a different view of what marriage means and what they will except or expect from the opposite sex because marriages sometimes fail. Research has indicated that only about 52 percent of African Americans are married and 48 percent are either single or divorced.
What does marriage mean to African Americans? In recent cultural many homes are led by one parent. Their idea of marriage is sometimes nonexistence. Their views of the idea soul mate can be a fantasy due to their personal thoughts and views and sometimes life’s challenges. Many of them imagine what the idea marriage mate should be. Due to my own personal awareness and surroundings many men and women view marriage as strength the ability to run the household, raise the children and have a financial independence. They think this will enable them to become people whether it is the woman or the man.
Although this is a great expectation on both men and women still, the women on the other hand; thinks much differently. Their idea on the perfect husband is one who is already stabled financially, emotionally and spiritually. In recent cultural there is a high rate of unemployment and financial obligations and who has no spiritual awareness at all. African Americans prefer overall financial relief the ability to possibly remove them from current situations or perhaps enhance them. Women and Men today have become so independent that they look for support and foundations of securities it either the man or the woman and when that is not a reality this could lead to a crisis of ruin but mostly importantly divorce.
Research has indicated that only 52 percent of African Americans are married 48 percent are single or divorced. “According to Marriage crisis is root of poverty,” financial obligations has been the main focus of many failed marriages. African Americans have become more or less a unit of division when it comes to finances. Many women views of men who have less than them are sometimes are unequal whereas men views are much different if the women are idea of a marriage mate. The focus of such events within a marriage have become public profiles in many cases that even through a crisis it is sometimes hard to resolve because of public opinions.
The most important reason is what does marriage mean to African Americans? And why does their marriage sometimes fail? Marriage means stability to them, financial and a spiritual awareness. Many of them prefer to be married to someone that could make them better through any means necessary and that they are able to build from where they both started from. In my experiences I have seen where many African American women and men get comfortable with the idea of not being married simply because they feel they cannot find anyone who meets their standards. This could mean that they are at their lowest but do not want to have a partner who is also. They want to marry someone that can provide a stable foundation and most importantly honesty and what they call the meet me halfway rule in all aspects. They want someone who works just as hard as they do in many ways to provide for the family and for each other.
So why do their marriage sometimes fail? Many who are married have a fantasy view on what love and life really is about. They do not understand that there will sometimes be disappointments in their marriage. They do not understand that every day will not be a good day but when it does happens they feel deceived when they are faced with hardships. They fail to cope with life as it comes before them they want to blame each other when a crisis comes before them which make them not understand why or how the other person handled certain situations the way they do, which could possibly lead to separations and eventually divorce. They must understand how to get away from